AMOXICOS 50: A Potent Solution for Treatment of Enteritis, Paratyphoid, and Cholera in Livestock and Poultry

AMOXICOS 50%, a product by Sakan Vietnam, is a potent antibiotic solution designed to combat a variety of diseases in livestock and poultry. Each 100g of AMOXICOS 50% contains 50g of Amoxicillin trihydrate and 25,000,000UI of Colistin sulfate, making it a powerful treatment for various conditions.


  • Amoxicillin trihydrate: 50g
  • Colistin sulfate: 25,000,000UI
  • Lactose, dextrose qs: 100g


AMOXICOS 50% is specifically designed to treat a variety of diseases in livestock and poultry. These include:

  • Septicemia, respiratory diseases, pneumonia, sinusitis, necrotic enteritis, dermatitis, mastitis, metritis in livestock
  • Facial edema, head swelling, typhoid, diarrhea, green feces, white feces, yellow sticky feces, white sticky butt, bloody feces in livestock and poultry
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