Sakan Vietnam 8th High-Quality Vietnamese Goods Awards: A Testament to Excellence and Trust

Sakan 8th award

In a significant event held at the Independence Palace, Ho Chi Minh City, on March 14, 2024, the Association of High-Quality Vietnamese Goods solemnly organized the announcement and certification ceremony of High-Quality Vietnamese Goods of 2024, as voted by consumers. This esteemed certification, executed through direct surveys from consumers, livestock farmers, and aquaculture across the nation, stands as a beacon of credibility and honor.


Among the spotlight was Sakan Vietnam, which emerged as one of the 14 companies in the animal husbandry and veterinary industry, out of a total of 529 enterprises from various sectors nationwide, to receive this prestigious title. Remarkably, this marks the eighth consecutive accolade for SAKAN since 2016, underscoring a steadfast journey towards excellence. It powerfully echoes the sentiment, “Quality is the red thread, the compass, the key to success,” and reaffirms SAKAN’s brand as a continuously trusted and enduring partner.

The ceremony was not just a formal event but a celebration of trust, quality, and success that SAKAN Vietnam has consistently nurtured over the years. The “Sakan Vietnam Proudly Receives the 2024 Vietnam High-Quality Award – A Pride in Quality!” segment showcased a proud moment for Sakan Vietnam , as the company once again accepted this honor with great pride. This eighth consecutive Vietnam High-Quality Award solidifies the company’s reputation and capability, alongside the trust and choice of Sakan products by customers, distributors, farmers, and farm owners nationwide.

“Sakan Vietnam 8th High-Quality Vietnamese Goods Awards” not only highlights the company’s unwavering commitment to quality but also positions Sakan Vietnam as a key player in the industry that values consumer trust and product excellence. This achievement is a testament to the moto, “Quality is the key to success!” and paves the way for Sakan Vietnam’s future endeavors, promising continued excellence and innovation in its field.

As Sakan Vietnam celebrates this momentous recognition, it reinforces its dedication to maintaining high standards and contributing positively to the Vietnamese industry’s growth and development. The 8th High-Quality Vietnamese Goods Awards serve as a milestone in Sakan Vietnam’s journey, embodying the trust, quality, and excellence that the brand has become synonymous with.


In conclusion, Sakan Vietnam’s consistent recognition at the High-Quality Vietnamese Goods Awards not only showcases its commitment to quality but also strengthens its position as a trusted leader in the industry. As Sakan Vietnam continues on its path of excellence, it remains dedicated to delivering products and services that meet the highest standards, ensuring satisfaction and trust among its consumers and partners alike.

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